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Denver, Colorado

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Our highly regarded team includes regional and international consultants with expertise in coaching, leadership development, visioning and strategy, graphic recording, and conflict resolution spanning across a  variety of industries including government, health care, law, non-profit and private business.

Vanita Bellen  Founder & Principal

Vanita is an experienced human resources and organization development executive with a track record of developing leaders and improving organizational dynamics and systems. As a coach and consultant she uses diverse methods including scientific tools and techniques, and diagnostic instruments that provide insight and clarity. She is a certified coach, a Neuro-Linguistic Program (NLP) practitioner and a certified mediator. She serves as Adjunct Faculty at the University of Denver and is a published author. With a keen eye for possibility, Vanita challenges her clients to uncover new ways of thinking and chart a course to success.

Anu Osborne  Senior Consultant
Anu is a senior lawyer, mediator, collaborative law practitioner and conflict coach with expertise in resolving workplace, personal injury and family disputes. She draws on her skills in law, collaborative practices, mediation, conflict coaching, negotiation, counseling, professional coaching and spiritual direction to design the ideal path and experience for each client. Anu is a teacher, consultant, writer and speaker on negotiation skills, conflict resolution, collaborative law and coaching. 

Lois Todd  Senior Consultant

Lois blends masterful facilitation skills, executive coaching and 27 years of high level business acumen to accelerate team and individual results. She is known for creating high trust environments where her warm, direct style results in coherent outcomes structured for success. Lois is engaged by clients looking to become even more exceptional at what they do. Her toolkit includes master-level certifications in both neuro-linguistic programming – a unique communications technology that uncovers barriers in thinking and behaviors – and executive coaching.

Kriss Wittmann  Senior Consultant
Kriss is a master illustrator. Her extensive background in graphic arts, illustration, corporate training and higher education has given her a unique and strong ability to visually capture tangible and abstract concepts that allow groups to "see" their challenges and to help create a visibly tangible and clear path forward. Through her clever and engaging illustrations Kriss synthesizes vast amounts of information and provides a visual representation – in real time – creating large format maps with concepts and data generously immersed with illustrations.