In this transformative time within health care, physicians are ideally situated to lead the clinical effort to achieve true patient-centered care. The demand for physician leaders has never been greater yet only five percent of hospital leaders are doctors. As a leadership coach I partner with physicians to realize their full potential as respected leaders and change agents. Here are just a couple of comments from clients:

As a new leader, Vanita’s coaching helped me develop my foundational leadership principles, organize my strategies and implement tactics that translated to overall team success in multiple areas. Beyond that, Vanita served as an effective thought partner, sounding board and mentor as I wrestled with early leadership challenges and her approach is not cookie cutter- she develops a personal, collaborative approach that resonated with my personal style and allowed me to fully develop as a leader while maintaining a feeling of authenticity and autonomy.”​​ 

- Dr. Chandra Hartman, MD

"Vanita's guidance has been integral in my transition to a new career path. By asking questions that encouraged self-study, she helped me to gain insight into what is important to me personally and professionally. With her help, I was able to examine and establish clear goals for my career and understand areas that require further professional development. I will continue to rely on Vanita's wise counsel as I take on new challenges in the future and continue in my path of professional growth."  - Dr. Rachel Wright, MD

Seize the opportunity to increase your impact and make a positive change. Contact us to discuss how coaching can support you professionally and personally.

Physician Leadership Academy
By itself or coupled with one on one coaching, our Leadership Academy is another option for organizations to work with current and emerging physician leaders in accelerating their effectiveness and impact. ​ The Academy ensures that learning and development takes place around real business opportunities and challenges:

  • action learning projects are the focal point of our process. Our experience has shown us that learning​ in “real time” with support from skilled coaches stimulates problem solving and personal and team development
  • we are committed to demonstrating a return on investment and we establish performance metrics with our clients at the outset
  • we employ evidence-based methods in the context of the environment in which people work – ​therefore, we customize our tools and techniques, so they are in alignment with the organization's ​strategic goals and desired culture.

Contact us for more information on how our Leadership Academy can assist your physicians in their growth as health care providers and leaders.


Physician Leadership Coaching and Development


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